Riparian plantings used to offset emissions

The Primary Sector Climate Action Partnership (He waka eke noa) is agriculture’s response to the Government’s desire to capture agriculture under the ETS by 2025.

One highlight of the work being developed to date is to allow farmers to offset farm emissions through recognising the trees already on the property. The ETS scheme generally only recognises sequestration from stands of trees at least 30 metres wide and that will grow taller than 5m. Under he waka eke noa it is proposed smaller plantings, such as riparian strips beside waterways or shelter belts would count for offsetting emissions. That makes common sense.

Still waiting though for if/when pasture is recognised for the carbon it sequesters back into the soils. Anyone who has followed a dairy conversion from its beginnings will have noted the vast improvement in soil humus even within 5 years of conversion. A sure reflection of the carbon cycle in action.

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