Flat fee of 2.2% on Residential Sales

Before you even think about listing with another company see how many thousands you can save with Rural and Lifestyle Sales.com Ltd flat fee of 2.2% plus GST.

And don’t think that because it looks “cheap” that the service may also be cheap. We have a team of experienced salespeople with many years of selling real estate and a track record of satisfied clients.

Our thinking behind the 2.2% rate is that house prices have near doubled in the past few years. If we kept to the same old rate, our fee would also double, but we couldn’t honestly pocket that gain. Keep that in your own pocket!

With your $thousands to be saved, think about how welcome that would be with your next move. Maybe put it towards a new lounge suite, a holiday or simply a lower mortgage.

So what are you waiting for? Phone now on 06 323 3363 or Email info@rals.co.nz

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