Great News from latest GDT

The latest Global Dairy Trade fortnightly auction today saw the third successive rise. That's a real encouraging trend for not only our dairy farmers but the many thousands of others across NZ that rely on a vibrant rural economy (not to mention the IRD who also do well out of a good payout!). This latest rise pretty much wipes out the declines that happened April through August and may well be enough...

Riparian plantings used to offset emissions

The Primary Sector Climate Action Partnership (He waka eke noa) is agriculture's response to the Government's desire to capture agriculture under the ETS by 2025. One highlight of the work being developed to date is to allow farmers to offset farm emissions through recognising the trees already on the property. The ETS scheme generally only recognises sequestration from stands of trees at least 30...

Fonterra Payout trending to 9

We keep a regular tab on what's happening within Fonterra payout. Today they announced earnings for the year but the two numbers that mean most to farmer shareholders and sharemilkers are the final payout for the 2020/21 season and forecast for 2021/22

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